Woman is different

Woman is different.

Female is cyclical. That is a suppressed idea.  Every 28 days our bodies remind us that we are bound to our biological selves and that it cannot be ignored.  Of that 28 day moon cycle about 5 of those days is spent in the menses period itself. That leaves 23 days.

Of that 23 days about 7 days is spent in mood and physical changes in the body in preparation for the menstrual period. Elation, depression, tears, breast tenderness, bloating, heaviness all indicate a change. That leaves 16 days.

Of those 16 days about 8 of those is spent in a state of sexual excitement and expectation.

That leaves 8 days out of every 28 in a productive period where our bodies’ biological function is not controlling our lives.

Amazing we do so well!

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