Monthly Archives: July 2019

A new day dawning!

There have been quite a few changes in my life since ZARDA was published in 2016. Three years.  In that time, I have moved, had several painful medical events and gone on a campaign to stick to a budget, both with time and money.

Last November I moved to a retirement community.  It has definitely been an adjustment, but I feel I am on the recovery.  January through April I was still dealing with my health.  May I started exercising and dancing again.  Twelve residents joined me to dance at the 94th anniversary celebration, which was a hit for both the audience and the dancers. My energy was zapped, though and I took time to recuperate.

Zarda was never far from my mind.  This past week I reintroduced Zarda to the Hotel, have looked back at Book 2, DIERDRE, which is half way finished. Dierdre will meet the world in 2020.  I will start sharing bits and pieces soon.

Thank you for being patient.  I am back.