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ZARDA Chapter 4

The days are long, the tasks are many, and I find myself rising early and going to sleep late…and dreaming. At first I am too physically tired to even try to remember my dreams, but one night I awake in a panic. I must pay attention to these dreams, which I know I have before. I get up and walk to the table, take a drink from a cup of water, return to my bed trying to relax and return to the land of dreams. This takes some time, but finally I feel my body floating and know I am in a suspended trance.

Walking along a beautiful white sandy beach I see the intensely blue sky overhead and green trees growing almost to the surf line. Above the trees are more forests and beyond the hills and mountains. There does not seem to be anyone about. In spite of being alone, the freshness of the breeze, the sweet smell of the sea water and the tantalizing fragrance of the pine trees wrap me in a soft protective blanket. There are no worries here, no work, no lessons… A large lack bird flies over my head and toward an opening in the trees, cawing to me to follow. The bird flies over again when I do not move, and the again until I walk toward the path the bird has shown me. It is cool under the trees…A real contrast to the warmth of the sand. Still the bird flies ahead as I follow. Approaching a small open glen filled with multicolored wild flowers and sweet-smelling grasses, I see the bird perched on the highest branch of a colorful bush unknown to me. I take several steps back, heeding the warning. These flowers may be beautiful, but I surmise they may be poison. “Thank you for the warning, my feathered friend,” I say, looking toward the bird. He caws again and flies into another grove of trees. Again I follow. I lose the bird as I climb a steeper path. The trees are closer together here and it becomes quite dark. Stumbling, I fall to the ground. Lifting my eyes I see Manton hanging from a tree. “Oh Goddess, what has happened to Manton?” I put my hand on Manton”s leg, but his body is cold. “Noooo! Nooo!”

ZARDA is Book 1 in the Journey series. It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Baby as a paperback or ebook.

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Woman is different

Woman is different.

Female is cyclical. That is a suppressed idea.  Every 28 days our bodies remind us that we are bound to our biological selves and that it cannot be ignored.  Of that 28 day moon cycle about 5 of those days is spent in the menses period itself. That leaves 23 days.

Of that 23 days about 7 days is spent in mood and physical changes in the body in preparation for the menstrual period. Elation, depression, tears, breast tenderness, bloating, heaviness all indicate a change. That leaves 16 days.

Of those 16 days about 8 of those is spent in a state of sexual excitement and expectation.

That leaves 8 days out of every 28 in a productive period where our bodies’ biological function is not controlling our lives.

Amazing we do so well!